About BCDC

Between 1850 and 1960, 240 square miles of San Francisco Bay were either filled or diked off from the open tidal water area of the Bay. The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) is a state agency that was created by the California Legislature in 1965 with the charge of minimizing future unnecessary filling of the Bay. The Commission has been remarkably successful in achieving its mission. Through BCDC’s efforts, the Bay is now over 24 square miles larger than it was forty-four years ago. Unfortunately, the greatest threat to the San Francisco Bay Area over the next century is not that the Bay will get smaller, but that climate change will make the Bay larger and threaten existing communities, public infrastructure and wetlands. To address this, BCDC has developed a climate change planning project to identify the potential Bay-related impacts of and approaches for adapting to global climate change. As part of this project, the Commission staff has developed a broad outline of a comprehensive strategy (PDF download) for addressing climate change in the Bay region. BCDC is committed to working with its regional partners and local municipalities to build awareness, and a plan, for accelerated sea level rise in San Francisco Bay. For more information about BCDC, click here.

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