Honorable Mention                    

BCDC is pleased to announce the seven Honorable Mention awards of the Rising Tides competition.

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1. Honorable Mention

Rob Roggema, Cittaideale, concept and design

Erwin Vrensen, vr+'s+, graphic design

The Netherlands

Entry #41

2. Honorable Mention

Perkins+Will, Patrick Vaucheret

Design team: Ben Feldmann, Roberto Vega Peralta, Jing Xiao, Tyrone Marshall, Jaepyo Park

Renderings: Chris Foyd

San Francisco, CA

Entry #48

3. Honorable Mention

MITHUN – architecture and planning

BIONIC- landscape architecture and planning

REGENESIS – regenerative planning

NSI- wetlands planning

San Francisco, CA

Entry #59

4. Honorable Mention

Firm: Royston Hanamoto Alley & Abey

Team members: Aditya Advani, Seth Babb, Masahiro Inoue, Sarah Kassler, Nathan Lozier, John Martin, Simon Schmid, Jordan Zlotoff

San Francisco, California

Entry #64

6. Honorable Mention

Drew Adams (M.Arch)

Fadi Masoud (MLA)

Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape + Design,

University of Toronto

Toronto, Canada

Entry #89

5. Honorable Mention

Designer: Ghazal Jafari, B.Arch, MUD
Academic adviser: Mason White

Toronto, Canada

Entry #73

7. Honorable Mention

Anthony Di Mari + Nicolas Norero

DI Mari + Norero Studio               

Cambridge, MA

Entry #115

Honorable Mention